Matthew Barrett, M.A.

Graduate Student


Phone: 404-385-2985



Educational Background:

M.A. (2012)     General Experimental Psychology (with honors)
California State University, Northridge

Research Interests:

My research in the PRD Lab is focused on the application of the multidimensional generalized graded unfolding model (MGGUM) to physical attraction. To this end I have investigated several different aspects about the scaling of a multidimensional continuum for these stimuli, and modeling the preferences of people who view them.

I received a grant from the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging to conduct my dissertation research which involves measuring the relationship between a person’s location on the multidimensional latent continuum established by the MGGUM and the evoked neural response when viewing stimuli. I have worked in the Cognitive Neuroscience at Tech Research Lab (CoNTRoL) for the past year training in neuroimaging methods; I am currently developing a procedure which pairs quantitative measurement models with advanced neuroimaging methods.

I have spent a lot of time teaching over the past seven years. My favorite classes to teach are statistics classes of all flavors, but I also teach research methods a lot. Overall I find the experience to be very rewarding.